A Decade's Journey | Admin Behind the Curtains
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Admin Behind the Curtains


A Note of Thanks from Dr. Bilal Philips

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for our administration’s efforts and energy invested in the smooth running of the Islamic Online University. Staff members are – without a doubt, the backbone of the Islamic Online University. Without you and your consistent hard work, the Islamic Online University would not be running as efficiently as it currently does. A lot of you work tirelessly behind the scenes, and I want to ensure that you know that I understand just how important you are to the Islamic Online University. Your contributions do make a really big difference.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and duaa’s in recognition of your hard work at the completion of 10 years of operations of IOU.

May Allah make your efforts and sacrifices weigh heavy on your scales of good deeds on the Day of Judgment, and may He bless you abundantly in both this life and the next.

Yours Islamically,
Dr. Bilal Philips

Admin Behind the Curtains

In the course of studies at the Islamic Online University, our students come in contact with some but not all of the staff of the University.

Students have regular contact with the teachers and along with that, a one-stop HelpDesk is set up to address all the concerns of the students, and receive administrative support at the University.

As students do not correspond with the other departments who work behind the scenes, this section is to introduce the team that works tirelessly in the background to ensure our students have a smooth study experience.

The Departments at a Glance



CIH is the window to IOU. Working tirelessly to resolve students’ issues, the CIH team provides 24/7 support. From answering emails, to offering live support via chat, the team makes an effort to ensure that students feel at ease. CIH handles both the info@iou.edu.gm and helpdesk@iou.edu.gm accounts.

As students, the Help Desk contact form or helpdesk@iou.edu.gm will be your one stop email ID to solve all your issues apart from the academic questions that you would pose directly to the faculty members, your teachers.

The CIH team is here to assist YOU with any concern you may have, to serve you better.


Atufa Muhammad Ali

Maha Khan

Roshan Razvi

Aishah Ahmed

Ajmiri Afrin Luna

Juweria Qadri

Registrar’s Office (RO)

The Registrar’s Office supervises registration, confirms admissions, evaluates transfer of credits, maintains student academic records and records grades, resets the tests, provides exemptions, issues transcripts, verifies enrollment and graduation, issues diplomas, schedules final examinations in the exam centers, oversees students’ payments confirmations and works as the primary contact point for the University’s memberships at international higher education organizations. affiliations and collaborations with other universities across the globe.


Salma Ali

Syeda Madeeha Bokhari

Mardiya Taiwu Ashiru

Majid Ghole

Isma Jabbar

Mohammed Moshin

Fatma Khan

Sara Tariq Sheikh

Aisha Muhammad

Academic Services Department

The Academic Services Department (ASD) plays a key role in ensuring an optimal student experience and day-to-day working of the Islamic Online University through its various activities including supervision and coordination of all the programs; academic standardization; student learning support; academic staff development; addressing and resolving course related queries from students and staff alike; monitoring and solving campus academic matters; ensuring regular review and reporting of hardware/software needs and resource requirements related to teaching and learning; researching new trends and advances in the profession; and working with deans and department heads to develop further resources.


Aparna Madhusudanan

Asma Nikam

Maheen Pervez

Naseera PM

Nabila M. Atchcha


IT department works behind the scenes to provide the best learning experience for the students, building and maintaining the virtual campuses while constantly adding new features and keeping IOU technologically updated. The IT team also works with other departments to build systems that facilitate and automate their tasks, helping them save time and effort.


Jamal Aruna

Farhan Karmali

Yousuf Tafhim

Raja Mohammad

Ibrahim Isa

On Ground Promotions Department

On-ground Promotions department is filled with enthusiastic people who are passionate to take IOU to every home. The department has official representatives as well students and volunteers in the form of committees, working selflessly for IOU. They don’t leave any opportunity to promote, set booths and give presentations about IOU during Islamic events/conferences. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this great effort.


Mohammed Shajiuddin

Abdullahi Akindele

Adetoro Opeyemi Muritala

Nura Hashimu

Yusif Samudeen

Hamdala Sani

Hamisi Miriti

Bibi Hakh

Mutahhir Sabree

Yasmeen Rolland

Arslan Karaev

Adi Wira

Saeed A Saeed

Aminata Jaiteh

Muslim Abbas

Abdullah Edington

Alie Yunus Kallay

Abdullah Masanque

Salman Javed

Lusaka Hamidu Amani

Ashuurah Mutale

Gainamungu Aminah

Mourtada Diallo

Mouida Banu

Online Promotions Department

Given the massive number of people that can be reached through online sources, the Online Promotions Department is involved in helping IOU gain a larger reach through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram among others. It is involved in promoting IOU related news/events/courses and webinars on different social networks. It’s also involved in managing social media campaigns, running IOU’s blog, using social networking analysis tools and Web Analytics to study and promote IOU. The Online Promotions Department also takes up the task of administering/advising/training any/all local IOU online promotional activities.


Hira Adnan

Nasmeera Firdous

Fathima Aboo Backer

Abu Saeed

Banukah Banday

Abdur Rehman

Afrah Awan

Abdul Wahid Baig

Amna Mahmood

Saleh Muhammad

Rahla Khan

Akhlaq Ahmad

Sumayyah Meehan

Student Recruitment Team (SRT)

The primary role of the SRT is to make outbound calls to the registered students of countries that do not have a local or national representative, and assist them in completing their payments and enrollment in the programs.


Mansoor Danish

Zahra Fatima

Agla Mohamed

Eveling Delgado

Nusayba Rashed