A Decade's Journey | A Decade’s Journey
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A Decade’s Journey


A Decade’s Journey

The Islamic Online University (IOU) started its journey in April 2007 at the initiative of Dr. Bilal Philips with the offering of few short free diploma courses and the intention to fulfill the needs of the Muslim Ummah and the greater society. Since its inception, the IOU has grown by leaps and bounds to reach across borders. It has been a magnificent ten years’ journey where the University expanded exponentially to include different streams of degree, diploma and certificate programs.

At the completion of its 10 years, the University looks forward to continue to serve the Muslim ummah especially in higher education as well as open educational programs to uplift nations through education.

This website shares the glimpses of the last 10 years’ journey of the Islamic Online University.

May Allaah subhananu wa ta’ala bless the efforts of the IOU staff, students, volunteers and well-wishers and accept it,